Health & Safety is a priority in every company. this requires the right people to take care of it.

However we have a strong focus on sales profiles in PPE, it’s not our only domain of expertise.  We believe that a full coverage of technical profiles, like Health & Safety managers, will be a great asset for your need to find the right individual in these positions.

Nowadays, there is a great need in skilled Health & Safety managers.  In our network, we have a numerous offer of these profiles in several domains of expertise.

Of course we focus to connect you with those sales profiles to boost your business, but we believe there is more to offer.  What is a sales team without the supportive roles.   

Sales profielen : Account managers – sales managers
Technische profielen : Product managers – R&D managers – Procurement
Executives : Sales Directors – CEO – CCO
Interim management : freelancers

Health & Safety for Companies

30 years of experience in PPE

Hands Talent uses its nearly 30 years of experience in the PPE market to make the right connection between candidate and company.  Profound operational experience in PPE related areas like: manufacturing, distribution and services environment, leads to valuable insights when it comes to recruitment and profiling.  Hands Talent guides a perfect fusion.

An opposite vision and approach

We turn it around.  Hands Talent is a Health & Safety professional who takes the recruitment process to the next level from this perspective.  We distinguish ourselves with an opposite vision.  Health & Safety is our world, our network, our experience. 

A team of experts

Hands Talent is a team of experts in different domains; Recruitment, Assessments, Coaching, Health & Safety, (executive)Management, Sales, … By bringing together all kinds of expertise, we want to reach the highest level, resulting in the right job by the right candidate in the right company at the right time.

We strongly believe that our approach will create the most added value for both:
the candidate and the company!

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